OntegoOne | Cloud-based mobile app platform for SAP Business One


15 years of product experience. All tech components from a single source. Get the full package made by the SAP mobility experts.

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Single source technology, at all stages

  • Mobile Client App

    For industry capable, robust devices

    OntegoOne comes with a special mobile app based on the original platform. The client integrates intuitive user interfaces, hardware access (i.e. barcode scanning or memory access), update management and user login features.

    The client app is available for all kinds of mobile gadgets. Ask for a list of recommended devices.

  • 100% Cloud Platform

    Multi-tenant capable, managed by commsult

    The 100% cloud-based OntegoOne frees you and your clients from integrating 3rd party components on-site. Security first with delimited instances for multi-tenant use and optional certificates.

    Your data is always safe. OntegoOne does not store any critical business data, everything resides in the clients SAP Business One.

  • Logistic Scenario Web Services

    Joint development of SAP & commsult

    Specially designed Logistic Scenario web services in the Integration Framework ensure secure and reliable communication from Business One to OntegoOne.

    These components where jointly developed by SAP Schweiz and commsult, especially made for OntegoOne Mobile Clients.

Secure and reliable communication

Via https

Secure communication between Mobile Devices, the OntegoOne Cloud Platform and the leading SAP Business One System, whether it is on-premise or hosted in the Partner Cloud.

Via IP-Filtering

Optional use of Client Certificates with IP-Filtering up front shield the leading SAP Business One System. Certificates are customer specific within the multi-tenant platform OntegoOne.


Based on 15 years of mobile product development

The Ontego Mobility Platform is an industry stand out for almost two decades, always made for ERP mobility.

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